Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Blog

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I love Blue Sky Alpaca

I really need to post some photos, don't I?

I have begun a pair of socks that I love SO much! While visiting Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley last weekend, I found a pattern for a sweater sock, using Blue Sky Alpaca worsted. I began the project and have almost one sock completed. (Photo to come soon.) I LOVE working with this yarn! Excuse the cliche, but it feels "like butta!" It slides on those Addi Turbos with such ease, and it feels so soft as I'm knitting. (Can you tell I'm obsessed?!)

This sock pattern is so beautiful. It doesn't take long to knit up at all, but it looks like it does. (My favorite type of project!) It consists of a half cable stitch, which looks pretty and doesn't require the use of any cable needles. Granted, cabling is simple, but this is even simpler! I cannot wait to finish these socks and wear them. I chose an ecru color for this pair, but I found the same BSA yarn in a delicate pale pink color, and that will be used next!

Okay, enough ranting and raving about my recent endeavor.

The sweater just needs two sleeves, and it's finished. I definitely plan to purchase the Morehouse Merino bulky for this sweater the next time I do it. I'm glad that I didn't invest much money in the yarn for this first try, because there are little mistakes here and there. However, I feel that I'll have a pretty good hold on the pattern next time, and I will then be willing to invest a little more. Now I just need to decide which color it will be. I've been doing a lot of browns lately, and I need to expand my horizons and explore the world of color for something other than socks.

I'm also still plugging away on my husband's black socks. I'm not sure when I will finish those, because they aren't too terribly exciting to work on. I need to work for another hour or so on the striped sock and then I'm done with that pair. I've pretty much decided that socks are going to be my "thing" when it comes to my knitting. I love knitting socks. I especially love it now that I've gotten rid of those annoying dpns! I'm into the Magic Loop, and while I realize that I need to try to 2 circ method and will probably find it even simpler than ML, I haven't forced myself to sit down and learn it yet. I do like the idea of doing both socks at once, because I have a terrible habit of knitting one sock, being proud of it, gloating, casting on for its mate, and stuffing the mate in my knitting bag. Of course, said mate is eventually pulled out and finished, but weeks go by with the poor little pathetic thing just lying there in my bag, yearning to be with its partner. Can you tell that my knitting has taken on a life of its own? I'm still not nearly as bad as others!

The poncho has been put away and will be brought out again on a rainy day. (Yes, I meant to rhyme there....I'm an English teacher!) I love the look of the herringbone stitch. I love the color of the sable Lamb's pride. I don't love how bored I get when I knit that thing for hours on end and don't seem to get anywhere. So, it's put away and will be worked on periodically when there is nothing else for me to work on. Right now, I feel the need to go along with my whole "sock obsession" thing and find new "socky" ways to use BSA. If I could dress head to toe in that stuff, I would. I would sleep in it. I would bathe in it, if it would get me clean! What, do you think, are the odds?

On the homefront, we've been dealing with a few temper tantrums as of late. (From the baby...not from my DH Bruce). This weekend, my DH (bless his heart) is taking me away to Tara. For those who aren't locals, Tara is an inn in Western Pennsylvania that has been modeled after the original Tara from Gone With the Wind. It is beautiful, and we've been there several times already. We've decided that we're due for a weekend to ourselves, although this will be our first weekend away from N. I plan to relax, knit, relax, knit, sleep, relax, knit and maybe knit. I'm sure the sound of this "romantic" weekend is thrilling to B. Hey....when Mom is happy, EVERYONE is happy, right?

Pictures to come soon....I promise! Really....I do. For all three of you who bother to visit my blog.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year!

No photos today, but I'll have some posted soon.

Winter break was wonderful! It was filled with what I now refer to as "The Twelve Days of Nina." I was able to spend a lot of time with her, and it was great. I also was able to spend an evening with a dear friend from high school and college. I don't get to see Molly (lovingly called Mare by me) very often, as she and her husband live in the New England area. We were able to knit and gossip, which was wonderful. I miss having her around.

I've gotten the entire body of the Berkshire Pullover finished. Now I need to do the sleeves and I'm finished. I'm not too crazy about how the measurements are working out for this. I also will definitely invest in the Morehouse Merino yarn the next time I do this sweater. (Which may be soon if I finish my many UFOs).

I've begun the boring black socks for my husband, and I need to finish the red/white/blue striped socks. The poncho is on hold for the moment. I'll get to it when I get to it.

Photos to come, eventually.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

These are row counting bracelets that I purchased on EBay. I was so impressed with the workmanship and with the individual who made them that I wanted to let anyone who reads my blog know about her. You can find these either by searching on Ebay or by accessing her site directly: Her name is Debbie, and she's great! If you're anything like me, counting rows can get muddled. If you're a great row-counter, these make great little gifts, and they're inexpensive. Check it out!

Well, this is how much I've accomplished with the Berkshire Pullover. I have around 13 inches done, and it's turning out quite nicely so far. I love the color! I'm pretty excited about getting this finished. It's fun to knit such an easy stitch in the round. It doesn't take much focus, and it still looks nice. If this works out for me, my next attempt will be a cable knit sweater that I just saw in a magazine. I'll post the photo next time. I can do cables pretty well, and I think it's time for me to venture on from the dull world of scarves and hats. I'm doing okay with that so far.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A surprise delivery for me today at work from B. (Now I feel guilty about the black socks comment. Sorry, dear.)

Woo-hoo! Black wool for B's socks. Calm down, dear....don't go crazy! He's such an adventurous and wacky guy! (The little metal things in front are my new stitch markers. They're so cute, but they didn't show up well in the photograph. They're little sweaters with two knitting needles in them. I love them! Ebay, baby!)

A new favorite.

A sample of the wool for my first attempt at a sweater. Wish me luck!

An almost-finished pair of striped socks. God Bless the creator of Magic Loop!

Knitting Update

I spent way too much money today at my LYS, but I am working on a few projects that I'm excited about. First of all, I'm still plugging away on the poncho. It'll get done eventually. It's too cold to wear it as a coat now anyway, so I still have time. I'm almost finished with the red/white/blue striped socks. I wasn't sure about the colors at first, but now I'm into the whole look. Initially, as I began to knit them up, I kept thinking of Ronald McDonald for some reason. Anyway, they're turning out to be pretty cute. This was my first experience with Magic Looping, and I will never touch dpn again if I don't have to!

I am now the proud owner of a copy of WEEKEND KNITTING. Lots of good ideas in there! I've begun my first sweater, and I'm praying that it goes well for me. I realized, after purchasing the yarn for the sweater today, that I tend to gravitate toward earth tones. I chose sable for the poncho, and the brown wool that I chose for the sweater wasn't too far off from the sable. I didn't realize it until I got home. Bright colors make me nervous. I like brown. Brown works for me.

After questioning my husband on what kind of socks he'd like me to knit for him, I ended up with.....(drumroll, please) That's what he wanted. Black. I believe his exact words were, "Black, brown or blue." No stripes. No cool yarns. Black. So, that's what I picked up. It won't be too terribly exciting for me to knit up, but he'll be happy. I don't plan to have them done by Christmas, so maybe they'll be a New Year's gift for him.

Winter break begins for me tomorrow at 12:45. I hope to get tons of knitting done within the next twelve days, but Nina tends to dictate how much time I get to spend on things other than reading "Hop Tops" (what she calls Hop On Pop by Dr. Seuss) and Wiggle Christmas. So, we'll see.

Happy Holidays to everyone and God Bless!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Presents in the mail!

I got my new Denise set in the mail today. I guess you could call it an early Christmas present since I ordered it and opened it already, not allowing my husband to wrap it and put it under the tree. I haven't sampled the needles yet, and I've heard mixed reviews of the set; however pretty much everyone has said that they've found something in the set as useful at one time or another. I just like to look at it for now.

I've learned Magic Looping, and I will NEVER use dpn again!!! Never, never never! This is so much easier and quicker. It took all of thirty seconds to follow the easy instructions in the booklet that I ordered from Fiber Trends ( Next will be the 2 circular method, but I want to get this pair of socks finished first. I'm still working on the poncho, but using the Magic Loop is so much fun that I'm afraid I may work at the socks more than the poncho. Oh, well. I have a nice, long break coming up for Christmas, and I hope to really find a lot of time to knit. I wonder if Nina will agree to that.

I'm still waiting for my bead row-counting bracelet and my Weekend Knitting book. I'm looking forward to reading through that book, because it's come highly recommended by quite a few people, and I like projects that don't take forever to finish. I plan to pick out a sweater pattern next and give it a go. The thought of knitting a whole sweater actually intimidates me quite a bit, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. I may even splurge and order the actual yarn that the book suggests for the pattern that I choose. I rarely do that, because the suggested yarns tend to be very expensive. I realize that you get what you pay for, and I love the beautiful and expensive yarns; however, I am still not 100% secure with my knitting, and I'd hate to spend the money and not finish the project. Of course, I could always just put the yarn away in my stash and take it out again later when I feel that I'm a stronger knitter. I just think that I need to not wimp out here and actually try a sweater. I'll have to find an easy pattern for beginners, which is what I consider myself to be.

B is out with his parents and the baby for dinner, which gives me an hour of knitting time. Bye.

Close-up of Nina Lou's hat.

Magic Looping.....LOVE IT!

My new Denise set.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Nina in the grey/fuschia stocking hat.


It snowed here.

Can't say that I'm pleased about that.

When I was a child, I couldn't wait for it to snow. Now that I have to deal with traffic and idiot drivers, I'd sooner opt for 65 degrees all winter long. But, as it is, Mother Nature did not bother to consult me on this one.

I knit a hat for Nina yesterday. It's a hot pink and grey, but when I put the two together, it made the pink look red. It's still cute, and she actually left it on this morning when B took her to Grammies house. I posted the photo, but since I had a red shirt on, you can't really appreciate the colors in the hat. Nina was not interested in taking anymore photos, so I'm afraid this is it.

I got my little "how-to" booklet in the mail today. It's all about MagicLoop, and as soon as I get five minutes to myself, I plan to attempt to learn it. Nina is watching the recent fave - The Wizard of Oz - right now, but I need to get dinner (can you call Tuna Noodle Casserole dinner?) in the oven. So, the Magic Looping may have to wait until the weekend.

I met a really wonderful woman this afternoon while waiting (much too long) in the doctor's office. (I had an hour and a half to work on the poncho, so I didn't complain too much.) Her name was Margaret, and she was 84 years old. I enjoyed talking with her so much. She never married, and she was telling me about how she'd like to have a companion to take her to dinner, but she's not interested in any "Hanky Panky". She made me smile, and I really liked her. Perhaps it's odd to write about Margaret here, but she was one of those people who make an impact on you, and I know I'll think of her again and smile.

As I said, I've been able to work on the poncho a bit. It's coming along. I'm waiting for my new book to come in the mail. I've just got to make sure that I don't start too many projects that I'll never finish. I really want to finish this poncho. Oh, and I frogged the black Alpaca scarf....yet again. I think the yarn is cursed. I always like how I start the scarf, and then I end up changing my mind. I'm not sure what will end up happening with that yarn. It's so soft and pretty, and I really want to use it for something. We'll see....

Well, off to create a tuna noodle masterpiece....